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Mongol Rally 2015 - Driving from London to Mongolia

Duncan, Henry and Matt completed the 2015 Mongol Rally!!

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The boys did it! As scarcely believable asMR25 it is Duncan, Henry and Matt managed to haul Vera across over 9,000 miles of the worlds worst roads from the UK to Siberia! Chitty Chitty Brum Brum arrived at the finish line in Ulan-Ude on 28th August after 41 days of travelling across two continents.

All three boys had an absolutely amazing time on the rally and met many great friends along the way, often convoying with numerous teams as part of “Rolling Thuder”!

They whipped through Europe during the first 8 days of the trip, enjoying the parties organised as part of the rally and were extremely lucky to wait less than 24 hours for the ferry to Turkmenistan.
Duncan had a memorable birthday at the Derweze crater and Uzbekistan revealed some of the most amazing scenery and architecture seen on the entire route. Kazakhstan was where Vera’s problems really began with overheating and then crippling electriIMG_20150823_084551cal issues that persisted all the way into Mongolia.

Thankfully with the help of the convoy, some locals and a mechanic called Batmonk the boys managed to get the old girl to the finish line. On the way they stopped in the rally’s spiritual home, Ulaanbaatar, for two days and got to soak up some of the rich local culture.

Chitty Chitty Brum Brum have, unfortunately minus Vera, been invited to this years Mongol Rally launch and plan to attend to see some of their Rolling Thunder buddies and to wish this years participants good luck, they will need it if the boy’s experience is anything to go by!

Finally a massive thank you to everyone who helped us raise a whopping £2,296.14 for our two chosen charities, Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research (now called Bloodwise) and Cool Earth!


Wasn't that fun!?

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