Meet the Team

Meet this swaggy bunch of eager young professionals:

Duncan – Intrepid explorer, dreamweaver, visionary. This fella is a part-time peacekeeper, full-time fun enthusiast. He’s looking forward to growing his beard and hair. 11164043_10205219257058529_9113636548695949490_o
Henry – Founding member. This guy is in search of adventure before starting a career in desk-bound boredom. He’s looking forward to leaving modern convenience behind and getting ‘wild’. 1907527_10204217391415319_8704605467467120729_n
Matt – Fatbox. This self-confessed Clarksonite will treat this endeavour like a Top Gear challenge. He’s a source of all knowledge, our technical expert, and chief organiser. 10489693_10205418055303994_246322715592975223_n